Dennison and Doy

These works are made in collaboration with Gen Doy, whose practice focuses on sound installations, using the speaking and singing voice, and field-recordings, often with a performative element. Dennison and Doy work together on films, installations and live performances, responding to sites of historical, cultural and political significance. Their collaborations invite viewers and listeners to engage with narratives that are suggestive rather than linear and explanatory, hoping to encourage audiences to reflect on the ways in which the past comes to offer a constructive dialogue with the present, and ways in which to perceive our own situation in relation to the past. Their work has been commissioned and supported by grants and awards, and has been shown, installed and performed in historic sites such as Churches in London and Lincolnshire, the Flaxman Gallery at University College London, and the Roman Baths, Strand Lane, London.

Mare Nostrum, Video Installation, Kings Artists New Thinking, New Making, Bush House Gallery, Kings College, London